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If you want hosting in the UK, but don’t know who to choose then come on in we have the top 10 site hosting here.

If you want hosting in the UK, but don’t know who to choose then come on in we have the top 10 site hosting here.

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Website Hosting In The UK

When making a website, there are three basic elements to look for in a hosting service – competitive pricing, reliable service and competent customer support. Since there are several website host companies, all vying for your website business, competition is fierce. Hosting services bring down their basic prices as low as they can, scraping into their own profits, to attract new customers and retain the ones they already have from migrating to competitors. There are ways to bring prices lower, if you know how and where to look.

Finding an Unbeatable Bargain
Canvas and compare prices for the kind of service you will need, either managed or self managed. Sometimes and have promos and discounts advertised on their websites for a limited time or posted elsewhere on the internet. Try searching through webmaster forums to find discount codes to get even lower prices and better deals. You can get a domain name for free or extra space for free. And most companies will let you try out their product for thirty days at no cost or will give a thirty day money back guarantee.

How Hosting Companies Trap You
But do more research before committing, because these host services can trap you. Website hosting companies want to retain your business indefinitely so there are a few ways they do that by making their clients feel hassled to transfer. Transferring your website to another service is already a big headache. But it could be worse if the company you are currently with will hold on to your domain name and your stored data as incentive to keep your business. This is why it is never a good idea to rely on a services supposedly free extra domain name registration and back-up space. Buy storage space and domain name registration separately and keep them independent.

Finding Reliable Service
The most reliable service for a webmaster, whatever website service you need, would have minimal to no downtime. Sometimes downtime is unavoidable, but the hosting company should have the courtesy to warn their clients first because every hour your website is down may be equal to any number of lost customers. Downtime means lost profits, and if your website is down too often, people might think your website is out of business. One of the best ways to keep away from unreliable server companies is to read impartial reviews posted on forums by other webmasters. Sometimes a company does improve on their downtime rates, but ask around first or you can also ask the company’s customer service to be upfront about their downtime rates. Some webmasters prefer to sign up with companies located within their own countries because it is easier to follow up with the service when their websites are down.

The Advantage of Local Service in the UK
Subscribing to a local service means it is so much easier to do a background check on the company on local forums, check their business registration and address, and you usually get better service. Clients can call or request a call back for enquiries and sales. There is also the convenience of paying by debit card and bank transfer resulting in less service fees, if any. Keeping will also ensure that the server operates within the local laws and respects local business ethics. If there is any problem with money transactions, it would be a great deal easier to follow up with a locally based company.

Do Not Overlook the Human Touch – Customer Service
Many webmasters, from amateurs to professionals, need technical support to upgrade or set-up their websites. Having polite and patient, but more importantly knowledgeable customer support and technical support is vital to good service. There is really no point in having so much access to technology when the client cannot be instructed on how to use it. Many problems that come up when running a website can be brought back to the host company, if the client cannot communicate with customer service,clients become frustrated and might give up entirely. There are hosting companies that publish their own tutorials, blog tools and simplified website builders, but having someone to talk to clients through problems is always appreciated and much more helpful.

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